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Pierre Lanari

Multidisciplinary Earth scientist, I am Assistant Professor and leader of the group Computational Petrology and Geochemistry at the Institute of Geological Sciences of the University of Bern (Switzerland). This website contains research material such as papers and links to computer programs I have developed.

My Experience

I pursue research in computational petrology and geochemistry to quantify key metamorphic processes

I have obtained a PhD degree in Geology at the University of Grenoble in 2012. My work was focused on the development of thermodynamic models for low grade metamorphic minerals and the application of quantitative compositional mapping the study of the geodynamic evolution of mountain belts such as the Alps and the Himalaya. My PhD supervisors were Olivier Vidal and Stephane Schwarz.

I moved to the University of Bern in 2012 first as a Postdoc and then Assistant in the petrology group of Prof. Martin Engi. In 2015 I became Lab Manager of the EPMA lab and senior research assistant in the petrology group of Prof. Jörg Hermann. Since 2020, I am Assistant Professor and leader of the research group on Computational Petrology.

University of Bern

Assistant Professor

Leader of the research group Computational Petrology

Since 2020

University of Bern

Senior Research Scientist

Oberassistant in Petrology 


University of Bern

Research scientist

Postdoc and Assistant in Petrology. EPMA Lab Manager since 2015


University of Grenoble

Teaching Assistant

Petrology and Structural Geology


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my Skills

My recent achievements are the development of computer tools and thermodynamic models that are at the basis of process-oriented studies to deepen our understanding of complex metamorphic systems.

  • Thermodynamics
  • Compositional Mapping
  • Petrochronology


  • Creation of iterative models
  • Database optimisation
  • Oxygen isotopes modeling 
  • Developer of Bingo-Antidote
  • Developer of GrtMod

Compositional mapping

  • Visualisation of large datasets
  • Expert in classification and segmentation
  • Developement of calibration techniques
  • Correlative data analysis
  • Developer of XMapTools software


  • Advanced thermobarometry
  • Dating of accessory minerals
  • Dating Fluid-rock interaction
  • Application to subduction (Alps)
  • Application to metapelites

I’ve Developed